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The Tartan of the Carolinas

Since 1986, the Cross Creek Pipes & Drums have worn the Carolina Tartan.  The Carolina Tartan is the official tartan for North and South Carolina.  

"The basis for the Carolina Tartan design was taken from a pre-1800 sample of hard tartan in the Prince Charles Edward Stuart tartan, a forerunner of the Royal Stewart 

The tartan was designed in 1981 by Peter E. McDonald of Crieff, Scotland, then the curator of the Scottish Tartans Museum in Comrie, Scotland, and officially adopted by 

North Carolina in 1991.
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Carolina Tartan

The version of the Carolina Tartan worn by the band from 1986-2006 was woven using "reproduction" or "weathered" colors by D.C. Dalgliesh of Selkirk, Scotland.  The bright version of the Carolina Tartan worn since 2006 was woven by Lochcarron of Selkirk, Scotland.

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